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Configuring Change Requests

The following steps will walk you through creating webhook for CodeLogic's Change Request feature. To learn more about webhooks and how they are configured in GitHub, please refer to the GitHub Docs.

  • Log in to GitHub.
  • Within the settings page of your organization, select Webhooks from the menu on the left.
  • Click Add webhook.
  • Enter the payload URL.


The payload URL is comprised of your server's address and and /codelogic/server/webhooks/github/payload For example, if your server name is, then your payload URL would be

  • From the Content type drop-down menu, select application/json.
  • If you are using SSL verification select Enable SSL verification.
  • Select Let me select individual events.
  • Select the following events:
    • Pull requests
    • Pull request review comments
    • Pull request reviews
    • Pull request review threads
  • Click Add webhook.