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Updating the CodeLogic Windows .NET Agent


Before you update your CodeLogic Server or Agent, please verify that your systems meet the CodeLogic Installation Requirements.

Internet access is required for updates.

When you update the CodeLogic Server you must also update your CodeLogic Server Agents.

  • Stop the .NET Agent through the Windows Services Manager.

CodeLogic Windows .NET Agent in Windows Services Manager

  • Download the Windows .NET Agent.

    • From a web browser on your system, log in to the CodeLogic Server.

    • Click Admin and then select the Installers tab.

      CodeLogic Admin Installers Page

    • Click Download on Windows.NET Agent to download the Windows installer package.

  • Run the Installer

    • Double-click the downloaded netcape-installer.msi icon to begin installation.


    CodeLogic preserves the settings in your configuration file. You do not need to configure the agent unless the default configuration file has been modified. To see if the default configuration has been modified, please check the release notes.

  • Execute or Start the Agent

The CodeLogic Agent for Windows .NET can be executed through a Command-Line Interface (CLI) or started through the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

  • Change directory to the C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeLogic\NetCape directory and run the agent from the command line.


    Replace “path_to_scan” with the path to the .NET application to be analyzed.

  • Commands:

    cd “C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeLogic\NetCape”  
    NetCapeAgent “path_to_scan”


    A lot of output will be printed. The window can be minimized. When decomposing, all available CPUs will be used.

  • Start the NetCape service using the Windows Services Manager.

    Windows Services Manager > NetCape