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CodeLogic IntelliJ IDEA Plugin

CodeLogic identifies and records dependencies within and across your applications. The CodeLogic plugins and extensions display this dependency information within supported IDE's. With this additional dependency information, developers can make a more informed decision about code changes.

The CodeLogic Plugin is compatible with IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate and Community Edition 2020.3+ and 2021.2+ for Java.

High-Level Overview

  1. Download the IntelliJ IDEA Plugin
  2. Install the Plugin
  3. Configure the Plugin
  4. Use the Plugin to Find Item Dependencies

Before You Begin

You must have CodeLogic installed. You also need to have performed a binary scan of your application.

Download the IntelliJ IDEA Plugin

  • From a web browser on your system, log in to the CodeLogic Server.

  • Click Admin and then select the Installers tab.

    CodeLogic Admin Installers Page

  • Click Download on Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA to download the plug-in.

    • The IntelliJ IDEA Plugin downloads as a .zip file.

Install the Plugin

  • Open IntelliJ.
  • Click File and select Settings from the drop-down menu.
    • The Settings window opens.
  • Click Plugins from the menu on the left.
  • Click the gear icon and select Install Plugin from Disk.

    IntelliJ Setting Menu > Install Plugin from Disk...

    • The Choose Plugin File window opens.
    • Select the downloaded zip file from above, then click OK.
    • Click Apply then OK in the Settings window.
    • The Settings window closes and IntelliJ IDEA continues the installation.
    • After installation is complete, restart IntelliJ.

Configure the Plugin

  • After IntelliJ finishes the installation, click File and select Settings to open the Settings window again.
  • Click Plugins from the menu on the left.

    • You will now see CodeLogic listed.

    IntelliJ Plugins > CodeLogic

  • Click Tools from the menu on the left and select CodeLogic Server Settings.

    IntelliJ Plugins > CodeLogic Server Settings

  • Enter the URL for your CodeLogic Server and your username and password.

  • Click Load and then select a Workspace from the drop-down menu.

    IntelliJ Plugins > CodeLogic Workspace


    For more information, see Workspaces.

  • Click Apply then OK.

Use the Plugin to Find Item Dependencies

  • Right-click on a method, class or field and select Find Usages.
  • Expand CodeLogic in the Find window to view dependencies.
  • Double-click a dependency to view more information.


    You will be taken to the Item Details page in CodeLogic.

  • Alternatively, right click on a method, class or field and select CodeLogic Analysis to be taken to the Item Details page in CodeLogic.

    IntelliJ and the CodeLogic Plugin Displaying Dependencies


You can add CodeLogic to your Debug Log Settings.

Go to Help>Diagnostics Tools>Debug Log Setting and add: #com.codelogic.intellicape:trace

You can view the output in IntelliJ or you can tail the log directly.

tail -f ~/.cache/JetBrains/IntelliJIdea2021.3/log/idea.log