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Item Report

The Item Report provides you with a list of items associated with a specific application. You can filter the items by selecting a specific item type from the drop-down menu. You can also sort the items based on the column names.

Viewing and Exporting the Item Report

Before You Begin

You must run a scan of your application(s) to view the Item Report.

  • Click the Reports tab and select Item Report.
  • Select the application from the Applications drop-down menu.
  • Optionally, select an item type from the Item Types drop-down menu. By default, all items are included in the Item Report.


You can select multiple items from the Item Type drop-down menu. To remove a selected item, click the x next to the item name.

  • The Item Report contains the following fields.

    • Item Name - The Item Name is the name of the item in your application.
    • Item Type - The Item Type is simply the type of item.
    • Impact Score - During a scan, CodeLogic collects information about your application to identify complex code and dependencies. We calculate a score based on this information to highlight parts of the code that may require refactoring or other remediation.
    • Root Item - The Root Item is the location of the Item.
    • Inbound(TT) - The Inbound(TT) is the total number of relationships coming into the item.
    • Outbound(TT) - The Outbound(TT) is the total number of relationships originating from the item.


    To sort the items alphabetically, or numerically, click the toggle arrows next to the column names.

  • Optionally, click Export to download a CSV file of the report.