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Exploring Dependencies

Before You Begin

To view your data, you must run a scan of your application(s) and database(s) before you can view dependencies.


The data displayed on the Explorer is determined by the Workspace you have selected.

  • Select the Explorer tab.
  • Expand the application to view Items and their dependencies.

    The CodeLogic Explorer - Expanded

Each colored box is an Item. The lines connecting the Items is a Relationship. As you expand Items the Relationships Legend and Items Legends, on the right side of screen, adapt.

  • If you hover your mouse over an Item a pop-up box displays the Item Name and Type.
  • To further refine your view, click the Reset Map icon to start with the original map view. Right-click on an Item and select Show/Hide Child Item.
    • A window opens that allows you select specific child items.
    • Make your selections and then click Update.
    • You can right-click on the Item again and select Show to display all of the child items. If you select Hide, the item and all of the child items will be temporarily hidden.
  • To collapse the Items to the application level, click the Reset Map icon .
  • You can use the search feature to find specific Items.

    • Enter your search criteria in the search box and press Enter.
      • The search results are displayed in a panel on the left side of the Explorer. You may need to click Load More if more than one page of results was returned.
    • You can filter the search results by clicking the Filter by drop-down menu.
    • Selecting an Item from the search panel will display the relationships to the Item all the way back to the application level.


      You can select more than one Item from the list by pressing Ctrl (PC) or Cmd (Mac). You can select contiguous Items by pressing Shift.

    • You can expand Items in this view and use the Show/Hide feature from above.

    • To close the Search, click the X in the top-right corner of the Search panel.
    • To view Items that are dependent on a specific Item or its children, right-click on an Item and select Investigate Usages.
    • The results are displayed in a new window/tab in your browser. For more information, see Viewing Investigate Usages.
    • Right-click on an Item and seelct Impact Analysis.
    • The map is regenerated. Only the Items directly related to the selected Item are displayed all the way back to the application level. For more information, see Viewing the Impact Analysis.


    This information is useful for developers who are asked to make a change to the code. A developer can quickly determine what Items would be affected by a change in the selected Item.

Next Steps To view more information regarding an Item, see Viewing Item Details.