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Viewing the Impact Analysis

The Impact Analysis can be accessed from the Explorer tab or through the Item Details modal.

Before You Begin

To view your data, you must run a scan of your application(s) and database(s) before you can view dependencies.

  • Select the Explorer tab.
  • Expand the application to view Items and their dependencies.

    • Each colored box is an Item. The lines connecting the Items is a Relationship. As you expand Items the Relationships Legend and Items Legends, on the right side of screen, adapt.
  • Right-click on an Item and select Impact Analysis.

    • The map is regenerated. Only the Items directly related to the selected Item are displayed all the way back to the application level.


    This information is useful for developers who are asked to make a change to the code. A developer can quickly determine what Items would be affected by a change in the selected Item.

  • To collapse the Items to the application level, click the Reset Map icon .