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Viewing Investigate Usages

The Investigate Usages feature helps you find inbound relationships to your Item of interest across scan roots.

Before You Begin

To view your data, you must run a scan of your application(s) and database(s) before you can view dependencies.

  • Select the Explorer tab.
  • Expand the application to view Items and their dependencies.
    • Each colored box is an Item. The lines connecting the Items is a Relationship. As you expand Items the Relationships Legend and Items Legends, on the right side of screen, adapt.
  • Right-click on an Item and select Investigate Usages.
    • The results are displayed in a new window/tab in your browser.
  • The results are displayed in a tabular view. You can filter these results based on Item or Relationship.
  • To see a graphical view of the results select the map icon .


    You can select and drag items around the map area. As you drag an Item around the map the relationship lines remain intact and move with the Item.

  • The side panel displays the relationships in a hierarchical view.

You can select an Item in the side panel to hide an Item from the map. To show the Item again, select the Item in the side panel.